Bartok is a fictional albino bat who appears in Anastasia. He was Rasputin's neurotic and somewhat reluctant assisstant and sidekick. He is also the main character of the direct-to-video Anastasia spin-off entitled Bartok, the Magnificent. He is voiced by Hank Azaria.



Bartok is an albino bat (meaning he is white and pink only). He is almost completely white apart from his pink eyes, pink nose, pink hands & feet and his pink interior of his ears. In the Anastasia movie novel, he is depicted as being large but in the film he is small.


During the execution of the Romanovs, Bartok flies amidst, overseeing the siege for his beloved master, Rasputin. His duty being that he ensures all the Romanovs are properly killed off and reporting back to the evil man. Bartok notices as one of the young girls goes astray. He watches closely as the Duchess Anastasia and her Grandmother are secretly shuffled to safety. He calls out to his master as fast he can, letting the evil Rasputin know that the young girl is escaping.

Assuming that he tells Rasputin where the girl was led to, Rasputin hurries to the top of the Alexander bridge to plot his attack, knowing he has no time to send soldiers after them. The wind and snow are swirling so hard over the frozen river, its hard for Bartok to see what happens.

He hears the reliquary land hard on the ice and sees the evil man ontop of the girl, growling with pleasure as the Empress lets out a cry in fear of the man murdering her own granddaughter with his bare hands.

He must have missed his mark though because he sees Rasputin latched onto her right leg, violently tugging the helpless girl's foot while she thrashes and kicks pleading for mercy. "You'll never escape me, child!" he taunts as his grip tightens around her ankle and begins dragging her closer.

But next thing Bartok hears is his master calling out for help, his hands flailing above his head and the young girl running off to safety once more.

- - -

Later on he betrays Rasputin and Bartok's kisser is a cute female pink bat.

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