The Dowager Empress Marie and Anastasia portrait is a fictional painting that appears in Anastasia.


Dowager Empress Marie and Anastasia are featured in the portrait.

Little is revealed about the true history of the painting of the portrait, but it was most likely painted prior to the execution of the Royal Family. This is because at the time of her family's execution, Anastasia was only eight-years-old, and in the painting, she still appears to be that young, or possibly even younger.


When an amnesia-stricken "Anya" entered the deserted Romanov Palace 10 years after the execution of the Royal Romanov Family, she soon stumbled upon the portrait of the Romanovs during an attempt to run away from Dimitri and Vladimir after being spotted by the two. However, she soon stopped, and happened to stand right beside the painted image of Anastasia in the portrait. Instantly, Dimitri noticed Anya's likeness to that of the young Anastasia, and immediatley took note of their several physical similarites and the possibility of being the Grand Duchess Anastasia. However, little did they know that Anya was, in fact, the older version of Anastasia from the painting.

After Dimtri and Vladimir walk down the stairs, she starts to take a notice in the picture, thinking that maybe she could be Anastasia.