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Once Upon a December

"Once Upon a December" is a waltz featured in Anastasia as part of the film's soundtrack. It was written by Lynn Ahrens and composed by Stephen Flaherty.

There are currently two versions of the song, a duet, and a solo. They both contain slightly altered lyrics to reference the setting they've been assigned to.

The first version of the song heard is significantly shorter and performed by Angela Lansbury as the Dowager Empress Marie, and Lacey Chabert as young Anastasia.

The second version of the song is performed by Liz Callaway as the singing voice of a now matured Anastasia.

The pop version featured in the film's end credits was sung by country music artist, Deana Carter.

First Version (Lyrics) Edit

On the wind

'Cross the sea

Hear this song and remember

Soon you'll be home with me

Once upon a December

Second Version (Lyrics) Edit

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The music box

Dancing bears, painted wings,

Things I almost remember.

And a song someone sings,

Once upon a December.

Someone holds me safe and warm,

Horses prance through a silver storm,

Figures dancing gracefully,

Across my memory

(Instrumental interlude) 

Marie and Anastasia


Someone holds me safe and warm.

Horses prance through a silver storm.

Figures dancing gracefully.

Across my memory..

Far away,long ago.

Glowing dim as an ember,

Things my heart used to know,

it yearns to remember.

And a song someone sings,

Once upon a December