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Rasputin sending the reliquary's evil demons to kill Anastasia

The Reliquary is a fictional, magical item that appears in Anastasia. It belonged to Rasputin, and was used by him as an aid to kill the Romanov family. The Reliquary is an eight inch fancy, glass vial. The Reliquary hangs from a golden rope that is tied around Rasputin's waist. It hangs at his shins.


According to the Dowager Empress Marie and Rasputin himself, Rasputin sold his soul in return for the power to destroy the Romanovs, which happened to be in the form of the reliquary. Rasputin initially loses it, for ten years, after storming the Romanov party followed by the tragic events on the frozen river. After seeing the young girl escape the siege, Rasputin waits atop the Alexander bridge in hopes of killing her himself. Clutching the reliquary in his hands, he jumps down on top of Anastasia, nearly missing her, which forces him to toss the reliquary aside in order to grasp the frightened Duchess by her snow-soaked foot. The reliquary lands harshly just past the girl, leaving it to be out of his reach once the ice breaks beneath him. Rasputin loosens his grip on the ankle as he attempts to maintain his wrath and reach for the reliquary, but he fails at both, letting the girl get away and sinking in the freezing currents. Rasputin later tells Bartok that his very existence depends on the safety and protection of the reliquary, therefore, by crushing it with the heel of her shoe, Anastasia was able to kill Rasputin at the film's climax.


Seemingly, the reliquary can be used in a variety of ways. Its power most often manifests itself as a green,
Rasputin Green

Rasputin and Bartok spying on a sleeping Anastasia via the reliquary.

mist-like substance that can take many forms, such as demon-like creatures gifted with the ablity of flight who are forced to obey Rasputin's every command. The reliquary can also be used as a "window" to see whatever, wherever and whoever Rasputin wishes to see, similar to the way a typical crystal ball works.

As witnessed by Bartok earlier in the film when Anya is walking with Dimitri and Vladimir in the Catherine's Palace, the reliquary can sense the presence of a Romanov, therefore confirming that Anya is, in fact, the real Anastasia. It can also shoot beams of energy, as revealed when Rasputin shot down the chandelier and caused the bridge to collapse.

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