Sophie Slovslayevna Smovorkof Smirnov is the Dowager Empress Marie's loyal cousin, assisstant, and personal confidante. Both her singing and speaking voice was provided by Bernadette Peters.


Little is known about Sophie's history prior to the events of the film, but it is revealed that she is the Dowager Empress Marie's cousin. This means that she is Tsar Nicholas II's second cousin and Anastasia and her siblings' third cousin. It is also quite obvious that the romantic relationship between Sophie and Vladimir began a long time before she met Anya.

Sophie was given the responsibility of "previewing" and auditioning the thousands of "Anastasias" before they were allowed to meet with the Dowager Empress themselves. Sophie is disappointed when Marie says she wishes to see no more girls pretending to be Anastasia. However, destined to keep her beloved cousin content, Sophie agrees.

When Sophie meets Anya, she is so impressed by her knowledge of Romanov history that she is almost convinced she is the real Anastasia. So, with some persuasion from Vladimir, she decides to let Anya see the Dowager Empress and prepare her by taking her shopping in Paris for some suitable clothing.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit


Sophie is short and plump with a very curvy and voluptuous figure and sports a particularly large bosom, sparkling blue eyes, and short blonde hair.


Sophie is bubbly, energetic, and flirtatious. Although she is obviously a very wealthy aristocrat, she is in no way stingy, and has a very big heart as seen when she voluntarily takes Anya shopping for new clothes in order to meet the Empress. Despite her slightly proud and demanding personality, she is fun to spend time with, and enjoys making people happy.

Sophie is also very understanding and respectful, especially when it comes to obeying and protecting the orders of her beloved cousin, the Dowager Empress Marie.