Romanov Family Portrait

The Romanov Family Portrait

The execution of the Romanov Family happened after Rasputin was banished from the palace by Czar Nicholas II in 1916. He put a curse on the family that they will all die and vows not to die until the Romanov family was destroyed forever.


Soon after, for revenge, he sold his soul in exchange for a unholy reliquary, which he used to cast a curse on the family. Rasputin's revolutionists charged through the palace gates and caused destruction upon the palace, including overthrowing the statue of Nicholas II.

Anastasia was with her grandmother, Dowager Empress Marie, during the execution, calling out for her father, and Nicholas tells his children to hurry. Everyone else was fleeing from the palace for their lives.

Anastasia leaves her grandmother's side when she forgets the music box that she gave her on the night of the 300th anniversary and she follows her. Anastasia runs into her bedroom and grabs her music box, but are now trapped in the midst of the chaos.

Soon, Dimirti crawls through a secret passageway in Anastasia's room and bravely risked his life to save them by sending them through the servant's quarters and out into safety, not long before Anastasia drops her music box and Bartok, Rasputin's assisstant and sidekick alerts their escape to Rasputin.But Anastasia forgot her music box and when she tried to get it, Dimitri insisted that she leave while she still could. Three of the invading Bolsheviks, Rasputin's revolutionists, burst the door open. One had a rifle and the other two searched the room, demanded to know where are they. Dimitri distracts them and is knocked unconscious, butsaves the music box in hopes of remembering the royal family.

After escaping the execution, Anastasia and Marie are running on frozen ice and under a bridge. Rasputin watches them escape and jumps down and grabs Anastasia's ankle as he is attempting to kill Anastasia himself, but falls through the ice in the river and drowns, escaping one more.

Finally, when they reached the train station, there was a sea of people, boarding and ready to leave. Anastasia and her grandmother eventually reach a moving train, but only Marie manages to get on as Anastasia trips and hits her head on the station platform, losing all of her memories, forcing her grandmother to leave her behind and not see her again until 10 years later.

After the executionEdit

Rasputin's revolutionists, the Bolsheviks, manage to kill six of the Romanov family: Czar Nicholas, Czarina Alexandra, Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana and Maria Nikolaevna and Tsarevich/Grand Duke Alexei Nikolaievich Romanov.

Soon afterwards, Russia was under communist rule, Marie returned to Paris and Anastasia, who is now called Anya, was sent to an orphanage.