Vladimir Vanya Vonitsky Vasilovich is the tritagonist of the film, who was once a member of Russia's Imperial Court. He is voiced by Kelsey Grammer.


Little is known about Vladimir's life prior to his encounter with Anya and Dimitri. However, Vladimir revealed to Anya that he used to be a member of the Imperial Court of Russia, allowing him to see much royalty throughout his lifetime.

10 years following the brutal execution of the Romanov family, rumours of the youngest Romanov Grand Duchess Anastasia's escape spread quickly throughout St. Petersburg, catching the attention of Vladimir and his young confidante, Dimitri. Although Vladimir was hoping to receive the Dowager Empress' reward money almost as much as Dimitri was, he was also glad to help Anya find her family, and guided her with a great amount of sensitivity and gentleness.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit


Vladimir smiling.

Vladimir is short and stout with brown hair graying at the temples, a wide mouth, bushy moustache with sideburns, and a very expressive face. He's seen most of the time with small round glasses.


Vladimir is extroverted and vibrant, often expressing himself in a variety of ways through his face, hands and body. Although greatly interested in bringing Anya to the Dowager Empress in return for the reward money, he is also happy to be helping Anya find a place to call home, and often encourages and enlightens her along the way with kind words.

Another reason for his great interest in bringing Anya to Paris is to reunite with his former flame, Sophie, who is Marie's cousin and the person who tests the Anastasia claimants to see if they are worthy of meeting Marie.